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Our Missionaries

Galilee Bible Camp is an InFaith ministry and is led by our missionaries. These missionaries have a heart for the Lord and for discipleship of young people to know Him too. They are a team united in faith and mission and we are thankful for their service. 

Missionaries through InFaith must raise their own financial support and are not funded by the camp. If you would like to partner with these missionaries by supporting them, please give below.


Mark & Mellissa Lay

Mark and Mellissa Lay have grown up in the LaFolette, TN area and have a unique history of their families being involved with the building of our camp many years ago. Camp Galilee has held a special connection between them and they began to volunteer at Camp Galilee back in 2012. They have a committed heart for the kingdom of God and desired to be used by Him to advance His kingdom here on earth. In 2013, Mark and Mellissa became Missionaries and served as facilities managers. However, in 2017, they stepped into their current role of camp directors and have contributed greatly to our camp ministry. Mellissa has always had a heart for horses and was brought up as a child working with horses. She dreamed of bringing her love for horses to camp. In the summer of 2021, her dream became a reality as she began our horse ministry at camp. 


Please consider contributing to the Lay's ministry by becoming a financial partner. 

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